Photography and story by: Frank Newton

Ride: 2001 Toyota Tacoma

Owner: Jaime Silva

* Hometown: Riverside califas

* Club: No thanks


They say sometimes dogs tend to resemble their owners. Well in some cases the same can be said about trucks. Jaime Silva’s 2001 Toyota Tacoma is the perfect example. His truck is dripping with his own style and personality. Jaime has perfected the look of his truck over the last decade, going through different suspension designs and paint patterns (at one point rocking white walls and steelies) up to this point. A point in which he can stand back, look at his truck, and say to himself, “Yup, that’s it.”

The name “TA2U4IT” (Tattoo you for it) has come by way of Jamie’s unique profession. Being a highly talented tattoo artist has allowed him to work out deals and trades to get his Ranfla — as he likes to call it — to suit his artistic vision.

Words can only do so much to describe the beauty that is this truck. Take a look at the pictorial for a visual feast of TA2U4IT, and be sure to check out the lowdown for a detailed look at the machine’s technical specs.

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Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20×7.5 MSR type 087 hyper silver w/black accents
Tires: 230/30R/20 achillies


Chassis Modifications

Suspension (front): Flat plate w/gussets mounting surface .  Universal Air airhouse 2 bags 

Suspension (rear): One off reverse links with upper wishbone. Tube work mounted cups and Contitech 2600 bags ride on stilt mounted tube work on lower links

Control Arms: One off Beesh Customs upper control arms, stock lowers.

Shocks: Factory Tacoma rear shocks: Front and rear

Compressor(s): Dual Viair chrome 444’s

Air/Hydro Accessories: Accuair manifold

Frame Mods: 2×4 back half, tube work, shortened 10” 

Brakes: Drilled and slotted rotors

Misc.:1985 Toyota pickup rear end, sectioned and smoothed out s-10rear bumper, sectioned 2002 4runner front bumper,billet motorcycle gas pop-up cap, 

Performed By: Steven hanegan @Beesh Customs and Owner.


Body Modifications
Shaved: Doors, antenna, hood squirters, tailgate and handle, mirrors, gas door.

Bodydrop: Yes ! traditional past the rocker  and well drug off!

Body Mods: Webasto electric sunroof, sheetmetal bed shaped around the frame and suspension

Suicide Doors: Only driver door

Bolt-ons: No thanks

Performed By: Steven Hanegan @Beesh Customs and Owner



Brand & Colors: Honda base white , D.E.F. flat clear with gold pearl

Misc.: Pinstriping by Manuel Cisneros at CSNRS Color Studio

Performed By: Sik Fabrications, CSNRS Color Studio and Owner.



Seats: 4runner buckets wrapped in vinyl w/diamond double stitched inserts

Dash: Glassed with candy red/white . shaved a/c vents and airbag.

Door panels: Glassed with candy red/white.

Gauges:  Stock.

Misc.: Molded Galaxy tablet into center console.

Performed By: Ak airbrush


Head Unit: Alpine single din unit.

Mids & Highs: RE audio 6” XXX components w/tweeters

Subwoofers: 2 shallow Kenwood 12’s I think ,in a slim box behind seats.

Amplifiers: Performance technique,

Performed By: Owner

Engine: Stock 2.4 

Camshaft: Nope

Supercharger/Turbo: I wish!

Header/Exhaust: Flowmaster.

Transmission: Automatic
Rearend Type: 1985 toyota pickup
Detail Work: Killer Glass radiator hose, beadrolled and candied engine bay wheel covers.

Performed By: Sik Fabrications and Owner
Special Thanks From Owner:

Steven Hanegan, Beesh Customs , Kevin Currel , Carlos Duarte, Sik Fabrications, Terry Jamieson, Noe Ak airbrush, Manny Cisneros CSNRS color studio, Amber Sotelo my amazing girlfriend that put up with me and the headaches lol, Craigslist haha, and all the people who supported my art work and have had a hand in helping me in this build.

TA2U4IT = Tattoo you for it